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Since 1964, the law firm of Taylor Jones Taylor has been there for the people of Southaven, Mississippi at the times they were needed most. When you are hurt in a catastrophic injury, or fighting for your freedom against felony charges, or trying to protect some semblance of your life for your children, the last thing you should worry about is the legal battles you face. That is why the firm offers complete and total support to every client. By combining their strengths in different areas of practice, the attorneys are able to create innovative, custom trial strategies that examine problems from multiple angles, and anticipate problems before they happen. When you work with Taylor Jones Taylor, you have the full power of the firm behind your case and the one-on-one attention of lawyers who know your name, your fears and your goals.

Areas of counsel

Choosing an attorney can be an overwhelming experience, and most people will only need a lawyer once or twice in their lives. But the chances are good that each time you need that lawyer, something important and potentially life-changing is on the table. That is why Taylor Jones Taylor prides itself on being able to offer clients help in a variety of areas. When your lawyer already knows who you are and what you need, you have one less burden on your shoulders. To that end, the firm provides comprehensive counsel in the areas of:

Personal injury. You have options when you have been hurt because of someone else’s actions or negligence. From auto accidents to wrongful death, and every catastrophe in between, the firm’s attorneys fight on behalf of you and your family to ensure that justice is served, and that you obtain the help you need to move forward.

Criminal Defense. One small mistake, one error in judgment, one case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time these can alter the course of your life forever. Whether you are fighting a traffic ticket or fighting for your life against a capital murder charge, Taylor Jones Taylor is on and by your side from Day One, maintaining their reputation as one of northwest Mississippi’s toughest criminal defense attorneys.

Family Law. In a perfect world, couples who wished to divorce would simply shake hands, divvy their things and part ways amicably. But the very real truth is that family law can be as heart- wrenching and contentious as anything else, because people are not perfect. When you need help protecting your family, you can rely on the firm to fight for you.

Business and Corporate Law. The business world offers unique legal challenges, and even the most basic contracts need a lot of attention. Taylor Jones Taylor offers thorough and detailed counsel to help you grow, sell, expand or share your business in the most efficient and effective way for you.

Probate and Estate Planning. Planning for the end of your life now can seem morbid, but it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. The estate and probate lawyers of Taylor Jones Taylor, help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest while ensuring that you have adequately provided for your loved ones and your favorite charities.

At the end of the day, you want a lawyer who knows and respects who you are, and who wants to help you obtain your goals. You will find that lawyer at the Southaven firm of Taylor Jones Taylor. It is why so many people in Hernando and Olive Branch trust the firm to help them when they need it most.

Discover how Taylor Jones Taylor can make a difference for you

Divorce, injuries, and criminal charges: these are stressful events, and without the right guidance you could find yourself in over your head. At Taylor Jones Taylor’s offices in Southaven, Hernando and Olive Branch, you will find lawyers who respect who you are and will fight for what you need. To see if the firm is the right fit for you, please call 662.253.5193, or fill out this contact form. We are proud to serve all of Northwest Mississippi, including clients in Tupelo, Oxford, Batesville, Grenado, Cleveland and Clarksdale. How can we make your life better today?


Jerry O.

“Involving a recent action, Ben was very supportive and professional.  He is very competent and shows a superb recall to details.…

Jerry O.


Jerry O.

“Involving a recent action, Ben was very supportive and professional.  He is very competent and shows a superb recall to details. I can’t say enough regarding how he was able to empathize and he was very reachable. I would recommend him without any reservations.”

Donna M.

“Ben Taylor, has been my lawyer for eleven years. During this time Ben has handled a few cases for me.…

Donna M.


Donna M.

“Ben Taylor, has been my lawyer for eleven years. During this time Ben has handled a few cases for me. He is very knowledgeable about the law. Ben truly cares about his clients and what’s best for them. I would and have recommended Ben to family and friends.”