Jun 15, 2015

Southern Mississippi University Leading the Way to Protecting Soldiers from Traumatic Brain Injuries

By |Jun 15, 2015|Brain Injury|

Southern Mississippi University is on the verge of a breakthrough that could potentially save the lives and protect the brains of thousands of our soldiers – and perhaps, one day, help cyclists, bikers and boxers, too. The University has been granted $4.9 million by the U.S. Army for further research, development and evaluation of their [...]

Jun 13, 2015

Solomon’s Dilemma; Understanding How Property is Divided in Mississippi When a Couple Divorces

By |Jun 13, 2015|Divorce|

When King Solomon suggested splitting a baby in two to discover who the true mother was, he was in a far better position than the Mississippi Chancery Court; after all, in Solomon’s case there was only one true mother. But when a couple divorces, both people have equal claim to the things they made, collected [...]

Jun 11, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Lawyer after a Car Crash in Mississippi

By |Jun 11, 2015|Auto Accidents|

According to the most recent data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Mississippi is second only to Montana in the number of fatal car accidents occurring each year. About 85% of these fatal crashes occurred on roads outside of our cities, and more than half of all victims were not properly restrained at the [...]

Jun 10, 2015

Mississippi, Drug Trafficking and the Fallout of “Operation Pilluted”

By |Jun 10, 2015|Drug Trafficking|

Let’s get some facts straight right away: drug trafficking is to selling drugs what the ocean is to a kiddie pool. The Federal government has grown and sold marijuana in Mississippi for years, and a recent ballot initiative may actually legalize it; but right now if you’re charged with and convicted of selling an ounce [...]

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