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Under Mississippi law, burglary is the criminal offense of breaking into a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime. Also referred to as home invasion, burglary is a felony punishable by a minimum sentence of three years to a maximum of 25 years in state prison – and that is without any additional charges that could add time to the sentence. Without an aggressive and swift defense, a person facing burglary charges could possibly spend the rest of his or her life in prison.

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Elements of burglary

Burglary can prosecuted by the state or the federal government, depending on what kind of dwelling you are charged with entering. In order to be charged with burglary, you must be accused of:

  • Breaking and entering. There is no requirement of the use of force, breaking a window or picking a lock in order for breaking to have occurred. “Breaking” can be equated with unlawful entry into the home, dwelling or building, and “entry” can be made through an open window or unlocked door. Additionally, if entry was gained by the use of trickery or deception, it is still considered breaking.
  • Entry into a dwelling or building. The second element of burglary under Mississippi law is entry into a dwelling or a building such as a warehouse, a retail store, a vehicle, church or school. If you stand accused of entering a government building, you could be charged on a federal level.
  • Intent to commit a crime. The intent to commit a crime is the essential element to the charge of burglary. Without the intent to commit a crime, breaking and entering could be considered trespass but not burglary.

If you have been charged with burglary, you face some serious consequences that will have a lasting impact in your life. An experienced Mississippi criminal defense attorney from Taylor Jones Taylor will review the charges against you and prepare a compelling defense on your behalf.

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