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Ideally, a divorcing couple with a child or children will come together to work out an agreement for who the child will live with and a schedule for the other parent to have parenting time with the child. The couple will then establish a parenting plan, which will include every aspect of the child’s life and lay the groundwork for the new parenting relationship.

Taylor Jones Taylor understands that the thought of drawing up this complicated plan can be a bit overwhelming – especially if your divorce has not been particularly friendly so far. The firm offers unwavering support and passionate counsel to parents who simply want to protect their children. Whether you wish to modify a current agreement or are just starting to think about custody issues, the firm offers a safe and secure environment in which to discuss your goals.

Custody agreements in Mississippi

There is a preference for both parents to play active roles in the child’s life, and to share in the decisions about the child’s education, religious upbringing and health. If the parents are unable to come to a decision about custody of the child on their own, then the court will make that determination for them, with the child’s best interests in mind.

In Mississippi, there are two types of child custody: physical custody, meaning one parent lives with the child, and legal custody, which is decision-making authority, especially with regard to the health, education and welfare of the child.

Within the framework of physical and legal custody there can be several different configurations that might include:

  • Joint physical and legal custody to both parents
  • Joint legal custody to both parents and physical custody to one parent
  • Joint physical custody to both parents and legal custody to one parent
  • Physical custody and legal custody to one parent

Joint custody is usually the preferred arrangement, but there are circumstances where it is not in the child’s best interests to live with one of the parents. The court has the means to protect children in such circumstances, through supervised visitation and prohibiting overnight stays. Absent an agreement between the parties, the court may award sole or joint custody at its discretion.

Deciding factors

Included in the Mississippi Code is a list of several factors that the court will use when ruling on the custody arrangement, but all considerations are made in the best interest of the child. Some of the factors that the court will consider in child custody cases include:

  • Age, health and sex of the child
  • Employment and responsibilities of each parent
  • Emotional relationship between the child and each parent
  • The home, school and community environment
  • The stability of the home and employment of each parent

Coming to an agreement about who will receive custody of the children in a divorce can be a difficult process, especially if the adults lose sight of the fact that the children are the most vulnerable ones in the situation. Working with an experienced family law firm like Taylor Jones Taylor gives you the advantage of a team of attorneys who have been helping families resolve their differences since 1964.

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