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The human brain still mystifies doctors and scientists, even after so many years of study. Brain injuries in particular are problematic because sometimes the symptoms do not show right away, and sometimes the damage seems more devastating than one might think. That is why immediate and thorough care is critical to helping brain injury victims have their best shot at a full life. Sadly, sometimes even that is not enough.

At Taylor Jones Taylor in Southaven, Mississippi, personal injury victims are treated with respect, and battles are fought on their behalf in courtrooms and boardrooms around the state. The firm understands all too well how a traumatic brain injury can cause life-long damage, and how entire families can be changed forever because of it. If your loved one suffered a TBI and you don’t know where to turn to help, it is time to visit a Taylor Jones Taylor law office in Southaven. Hernando or Olive Branch to discuss how this team of attorneys can help you take back control over your life.

The effects of a TBI

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, occur when the brain is forcefully damaged in some way. A person who hits her head on the dashboard in a car accident, a man whose skull is broken by a falling piece of pipe – these are common examples of TBI cases. The effects of a traumatic brain injury, however, can be as varied as the people who suffer with them. A TBI can cause:

  • Permanent loss of motor skills, resulting in the inability to walk, talk or feed oneself
  • Permanent cognitive damage, resulting in the inability to communicate of brain damage so severe it is like the victim is a child again
  • Impaired self-awareness, where the victim does not recognize there is a problem at all – or if he/she does know there is a problem, cannot do anything to “fix” it
  • Permanent loss of vision, hearing, taste or smell
  • Total changes in personality, as if the victim is an entirely new person
  • Permanent vegetative states

Each of these potential problems will require a lifetime of support and care as well as medical assistance. Your entire family’s life must change in ways that are almost impossible to understand. Taylor Jones Taylor does understand; the attorneys know exactly what is at stake for your family. Caring for a person with permanent brain damage from a traumatic brain injury could mean losing your job because someone must be home with the victim. It could mean losing your family, because stress can tear people apart. It will certainly mean extraordinary medical bills that never seem to get any lower. And in the very worst cases, it could mean the eventual and wrongful death of your beloved.

You do not have to go through this alone. Taylor Jones Taylor has the experience, the skill and the resources to fight on behalf of Mississippi families devastated by brain injuries. Every personal injury client is given the full attention of the firm, and every case is prepared for a trial. The firm shoulders the burden of the case so you can focus on the people who need you most.

Helping Southaven families affected by traumatic brain injuries

Living with a brain injury is hard; choosing the right lawyer need not be. Taylor Jones Taylor fights for the rights of traumatic brain injury victims throughout Mississippi, protecting clients in Grenada, Tupelo, Clarksdale, Oxford, Batesville and Cleveland. Please call 662-342-1300, or fill out this contact form to make an appointment at one of the firm’s three offices in Southaven, Hernando or Olive Branch. How can we help you and your family?

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