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Not every divorce is contentious, but every couple has their own specific issues and concerns that must be addressed during the course of the divorce. Mediation is a process that helps people find common ground and come to a mutually agreeable outcome. It is an alternative dispute resolution process that couples can use to resolve the issues that they have been unable to agree upon on their own so that they can settle their divorce and go their separate ways.

Understanding the mediation process

A mediator is an attorney who acts a neutral third party to help couples resolve their differences. The couple meets with the mediator and their own personal attorneys to discuss the issues that need to be resolved. The mediator guides through the process, facilitating them in working out all of their differences in a safe, confidential setting.  Upon successful mediation, a settlement agreement will be reached, which covers:

  • How marital assets will be divided and which assets will remain separate
  • Parenting plans, custody and visitation issues
  • Mutually agreed-upon alimony payments

For many couples, the mediation process can help move the divorce process along more quickly. It is often less expensive than litigation, which allows Mississippi couples to keep a bit more in their own pockets.

Mediation is often much less stressful because the sessions are conducted at the couple’s pace and in an informal setting. Each party has the opportunity to be heard and understood, and the couple learns valuable negotiation skills that will serve them later when other issues arise in the other dealings they have with one another.

Is a mediated divorce legally binding?

The divorce becomes legally binding when the agreement is presented to the appropriate judge. If the judge accepts the agreement and signs the pleadings, the divorce is complete.

There is never really a winner in divorce, but if each side feels as if they came away with a fair settlement, it can help you avoid larger problems later. The divorce attorneys at Taylor Jones Taylor offer respectful representation for Mississippi clients during mediation services.

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