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Child support is not an arbitrary award: it is determined by the Mississippi family courts using a specific formula. The best interest of your child is always at the heart of every award.

How child support is calculated

The state of Mississippi follows a percentage of income formula when calculating child support payments. To determine the percentage you must factor in the number of children who require support. Typically in a divorce, one parent gets primary residential custody of the child, and the other parent gets parenting time with the child. The parent with whom the child lives most of the time supports the child directly by providing housing, food and care. The non-custodial parent pays the parent with whom the child lives the child support payments according to the state guidelines, until the child reaches age 21.  If, however, the child marries, joins the military, or becomes employed on a full-time basis, the non-custodial parent may then petition the court to end child support payments before he or she turns twenty-one.

Child support enforcement

Within the Mississippi Department of Human Services is the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) unit. This unit’s sole purpose is to enforce the state and federal child support laws.

The DCSE has several legal options at its disposal to help encourage delinquent child support payers to bring their accounts current. The DCSE has the authority to do the following:

  • Garnish wages
  • Intercept state and federal tax refunds
  • Hold the delinquent payer in contempt
  • Report arrearages to the credit bureaus
  • Referring cases with arrearages exceeding $2500 to the U.S. State Department, which can revoke the delinquent parent’s passport or decline a new passport application

In Mississippi, both parents have an obligation to share in the support of their child. When one parent is not honoring their obligation to do his or her part, the child suffers the consequences.  At Taylor Jones Taylor, the attorneys work with you to create a plan that protects your children. When court ordered child support payments must be enforced there are options available to compel the delinquent party to get back on track with the child support payments.

The legal team of Taylor Jones Taylor has assisted parents through the child support process for years; that is why so many successful former clients keep referring the firm to friends and neighbors who need assistance during a divorce. The family law attorneys understand that the percentage of income formula does not take into consideration many other issues that may have a bearing on a parent’s ability to pay, and that child support can be a contentious issue between the parents. That is why the firm always provides strong, proactive support and guidance designed to help you and your child.

Knowledgeable Mississippi family law attorneys protecting your children

Taylor Jones Taylor offers detailed, practical guidance to clients seeking assistance with child support. If your spouse is behind on payments, or if you are in need of a support order modification, the firm invites you to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. The firm’s office in Southaven serves clients in Southaven, Hernando, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Walls, Senatobia, Coldwater, and beyond. Please call 662-342-1300, or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment. How can we help your family today?