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Jan3, 2018

How Do Prenuptial Agreements Work?

By |Jan 3, 2018|Divorce|

When you are considering your future and planning for marriage, the possibility of a prenuptial agreement is often one of the most important decisions you and your future spouse will make. Prenuptial agreements assist soon-to-be-married couples with the terms they will abide by should they choose to divorce. In Mississippi, you can also create “post-nuptial” […]

Dec20, 2017

The World’s First Human Head Transplant Has Happened – Maybe

By |Dec 20, 2017|Spinal Cord Injury|

In 1954, the first successful organ transplant took place at Brigham Hospital in Boston. (It was a kidney.) Since then, medical science has allowed for the transplant of almost every human body part: lungs, livers, corneas, hands – even whole faces. An Italian surgeon named Sergio Canavero announced in November that he is ready to […]

Apr5, 2016

Getting Divorced in Mississippi When Your Spouse Won’t Cooperate

By |Apr 5, 2016|Divorce|

Divorce proceedings are difficult enough when both spouses agree to the dissolution; they can be even more challenging if only one spouse wants the divorce. Under Mississippi law, if you have adequate grounds it is possible to obtain a divorce even if your partner is less-than-willing to cooperate with you in dissolving the marriage on […]

Mar22, 2016

How Dangerous Are Mississippi’s Roads, Anyway?

By |Mar 22, 2016|Auto Accident|

Mississippi has taken a lot of flak over the last couple of years when it comes to having dangerous roads. Back in 2010, an insurance website labeled our roads as the most dangerous in the country, and the debate has been going ever since. In 2015, USA Today said we were the 3rd most dangerous […]

Mar3, 2016

What Makes a Death “Wrongful” under Mississippi Law?

By |Mar 3, 2016|Personal Injury|

Wrongful death cases are challenging for many reasons. Not only are the laws complex, but the feelings of the plaintiffs (the ones filing the lawsuit) run the gamut, because everyone processes death in different ways. As injury attorneys in Mississippi, we work with a lot of clients who feel conflicted about the claim: they need […]

Feb25, 2016

What to Do if an Uninsured Driver Causes the Wreck?

By |Feb 25, 2016|Auto Accident|

Car wrecks have the potential to change someone’s life forever and are the last thing anyone wants to go through. Even minor wrecks are a pain and all wrecks are difficult enough to deal with when both parties have insurance. That is, until the driver who hit you is uninsured or underinsured, and then it […]

Feb17, 2016

Forget the Criminals – Check the Guards

By |Feb 17, 2016|Drug Trafficking|

In the first month of 2016, four separate Mississippi corrections officers have been charged with possession of drugs: three at the Central Mississippi Correctional facility in Pearl and one at the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman. All four were found to have varying amounts of marijuana in their cars, which were parked on the facilities’ […]

Feb11, 2016

“Undoing” a Divorce in Mississippi

By |Feb 11, 2016|Legal News|

Imagine you and your spouse have divorced, and later the two of you decide your divorce was a mistake and each of you wish to reconcile your marriage. In Mississippi, rather than re-marrying your ex-spouse the two of you can file a joint petition with the court and ask that your divorce be revoked. It […]

Feb4, 2016

The Most Popular Toy of the Season May Be Its Most Deadly

By |Feb 4, 2016|Personal Injury|

The most popular toy of the 2015 holiday season was, arguably, the hoverboard. It is easy to understand why: they are cool-looking, and they give the rider the appearance of hovering above the ground, even though they really work more like a self-propelled Segway than anything else. Unfortunately, these futuristic toys are proving more dangerous […]

Jan27, 2016

High School Football May Be on Its Way Out

By |Jan 27, 2016|Personal Injury|

Over the past several months, the news has focused on the dangers of football and its link to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). In October of 2015, news broke about a Missouri high school ending its football program. Now, a story in USA Today indicates that high school football may have reached its boiling point as […]

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