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Apr3, 2018

Civil Asset Forfeiture in Mississippi Criminal Cases

By |Apr 3, 2018|Criminal Defense|

There is an aspect of the criminal justice system which, on the face of it, seems to be the opposite of justice, and that is civil asset forfeiture. Civil asset forfeiture occurs when the government seizes property under suspicion of its involvement in illegal activity. The person does not need to be charged with a […]

Mar30, 2018

New AAA Study Investigates Crash Risk of Cell Phone Use While Driving

By |Mar 30, 2018|Auto Accident|

When you are traveling north on I-55 in Southaven, heading into Memphis you know that it’s not a great idea to be texting while you are driving, but you might go ahead and do it anyway. You might not have a clear idea of how dangerous it is to divide your attention between reading an […]

Mar7, 2018

How are Criminal Offenses Are Classified in Mississippi?

By |Mar 7, 2018|Criminal Defense|

Crimes are generally categorized as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. How a crime is classified affects:

The length of the prison sentence
Where a convicted person will spend time in jail or prison
The amount of the fines, penalties, and fees
Which court and which judge hears the case

Minor offenses (infractions) such as traffic violations usually […]

Feb20, 2018

5 Tips to Choosing a Great Personal Injury Lawyer

By |Feb 20, 2018|Personal Injury|

When you’ve been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another, you may want to file a personal injury claim, which means you’ll need an attorney. Having the right lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

When you’ve been injured, you shouldn’t hire just any “all purpose” law firm to […]

Feb7, 2018

Why Was I Pulled Over?

By |Feb 7, 2018|DUI|

There’s probably no worse feeling than seeing those blue flashing lights in your mirror as you drive home from a nice night out with friends. You might be wondering why you’re being pulled over, and then wonder about the glass of wine you had with dinner. The next few minutes could be life-changing, and not […]

Feb1, 2018

Construction Site Accidents: An Overview

By |Feb 1, 2018|Worker's Compensation|

We depend on construction workers to build our infrastructure, our shopping centers, our office buildings, and our homes. It’s not an easy job and, due to the nature of the work, the number of on-the-job accidents is higher than other industries. In fact, 21.4% of all on-the-job fatalities were in construction—that’s one in every five […]

Jan3, 2018

How Do Prenuptial Agreements Work?

By |Jan 3, 2018|Divorce|

When you are considering your future and planning for marriage, the possibility of a prenuptial agreement is often one of the most important decisions you and your future spouse will make. Prenuptial agreements assist soon-to-be-married couples with the terms they will abide by should they choose to divorce. In Mississippi, you can also create “post-nuptial” […]

Dec20, 2017

The World’s First Human Head Transplant Has Happened – Maybe

By |Dec 20, 2017|Spinal Cord Injury|

In 1954, the first successful organ transplant took place at Brigham Hospital in Boston. (It was a kidney.) Since then, medical science has allowed for the transplant of almost every human body part: lungs, livers, corneas, hands – even whole faces. An Italian surgeon named Sergio Canavero announced in November that he is ready to […]

Apr5, 2016

Getting Divorced in Mississippi When Your Spouse Won’t Cooperate

By |Apr 5, 2016|Divorce|

Divorce proceedings are difficult enough when both spouses agree to the dissolution; they can be even more challenging if only one spouse wants the divorce. Under Mississippi law, if you have adequate grounds it is possible to obtain a divorce even if your partner is less-than-willing to cooperate with you in dissolving the marriage on […]

Mar22, 2016

How Dangerous Are Mississippi’s Roads, Anyway?

By |Mar 22, 2016|Auto Accident|

Mississippi has taken a lot of flak over the last couple of years when it comes to having dangerous roads. Back in 2010, an insurance website labeled our roads as the most dangerous in the country, and the debate has been going ever since. In 2015, USA Today said we were the 3rd most dangerous […]

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