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Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming; being convicted of one is life-altering. A criminal conviction can cost you money, your job, your family and your freedom. Taylor Jones Taylor creates options for people accused of a crime in Mississippi. With offices in Southaven, Hernando and Olive Branch, the firm is always nearby. The attorneys work with you and your family, and make both jail and home visits when needed. Whether you made a mistake or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, Taylor Jones Taylor does not stop fighting for you.

What the firm does

The criminal defense lawyers of Taylor Jones Taylor have the skills, the experience, the resources and the passion to defending the accused against any charges levied against them. This is why former satisfied clients continue to refer their friends and family members to the firm for quick and aggressive legal help. The attorneys are often called upon for cases involving:

  • Felony charges. Felony charges like kidnapping or arson can land you in prison for life. If you are convicted of capital murder, you may be sentenced to death under Mississippi law. Serious charges like these require the skills and tenacity of experienced criminal defense lawyers like the ones at Taylor Jones Taylor, if you want to keep your freedom – and perhaps even your life.
  • Theft crimes. Theft crimes run the gamut from misdemeanors to felonies, but they can all affect your life. The charges are much more serious if you were carrying a weapon.
  • Assault crimes. Physically assaulting, or threatening to assault, another person can land you in prison if convicted. The firm has successfully represented clients facing charges of assault or domestic violence.
  • Juvenile crimes. One mistake should not keep your child from getting the education or job he or she wants. Taylor Jones Taylor has successfully represented clients under the age of 18 who were facing juvenile detention, or who were in danger of being expelled from college. The firm also represents those accused of sexual assaults on campus.
  • Drug crimes. Few charges are as serious as drug charges. Taylor Jones Taylor protects your rights and fights for your freedom when you stand accused of possession, distribution or manufacturing charges. The firm also represents clients in northwest Mississippi accused of trafficking drugs over the border.
  • DUI charges. A DUI conviction can cost you your job, your license and thousands of dollars in fine; a repeat conviction can cost you your freedom. The firm knows how to negotiate a DUI into a lesser traffic ticket when they cannot have the charges dropped entirely.
  • White collar crimes. Taylor Jones Taylor has the experience and resources necessary to defense those accused of white collar crimes in federal courts, as well as those accused of internet crimes such as online identity theft.
  • Sex crimes. Sex crime charges are insidious: sometimes simply being accused of rape or stalking is enough to make you guilty in the eyes of the public. The firm works quickly and tenaciously to secure an acquittal so that your reputation is not damaged irreparably.

The keys to Taylor Jones Taylor’s successes have always been speed and tenacity: criminal charges must be dealt with swiftly and completely if you have any hope of living your best possible life. Because the attorneys have represented clients in every courtroom throughout northwest Mississippi, they are familiar with how the prosecutors in each jurisdiction think and work, and can anticipate how they might build their cases against you. This knowledge helps the firm create innovative strategies designed to both uphold your constitutional rights, but also protect your future. Fast, aggressive, creative defense strategies: that’s what Taylor Jones Taylor deliver to their clients.

Speak with an experienced Southaven criminal defense attorney about your needs

Time is of the essence when you stand accused of a crime. Taylor Jones Taylor has the passion and the hunger to fight hard for you. To schedule a home or jail visit, or to make an appointment at one of the firm’s offices in Southaven, Hernando or Olive Branch, please call 662-342-1300 or fill out the contact form. Discover what satisfied clients throughout Tupelo, Oxford, Grenada, Cleveland, Clarksdale and Batesville have known for years about the firm’s abilities. Taylor Jones Taylor: How can we make your future safer today?

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