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Whether it is a defective drug that is being recalled, defective airbags that are killing and injuring people, or dangerous toys that are injuring children, the products that are a part of daily life can be as harmful as they are helpful. Manufacturers owe a duty of care to the end consumer to produce a product that does what it promises, and that does not harm the consumer. When a product is defective because of the way it was designed, manufactured or marketed, and that defect causes a consumer to be harmed when using the product, the manufacturer can be held liable for that consumer’s injuries.

The law firm of Taylor Jones Taylor has represented the interests of clients who have been injured by defective products for more than 50 years. The firm’s experienced defective product litigators are not intimidated by major manufacturers, and handle individual, multidistrict lawsuits or a class action in order to obtain justice on our clients’ behalf. With offices in Southaven, Olive Branch and Hernando, there is always a dedicated dangerous products attorney nearby when you need one.

The three different types of products liability cases

Just because you paid for a product that ended up being a dud, does not mean you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If, however, you were injured and you can show that the defective product caused your injury while you were using the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then you may have satisfied all of the elements for a products liability claim. Within the realm of products liability lawsuits there are three basic categories:

  • Manufacturing defect. In this case, the flaw in the product was in the way it was made.
  • Design defect. For a design defect case, the product may have been manufactured properly, but the flaw was in the product’s design.
  • Failure to warn. When a product is inherently dangerous, or poses potential dangers from its inception, the manufacturer must provide adequate warnings on how the consumer should use the product to avoid injuring themselves.

Dangerous or defective product lawsuits

The wide scope of Taylor Jones Taylor’s products liability practice includes, but is not limited to, the following types of cases:

  • Automotive parts – Defective airbags that explode in the face of the driver causing disfiguring injuries and death, defective tires with treads that separate and cause blowouts, faulty ignitions and other flawed products have posed significant safety risks to unwitting consumers.
  • Child safety restraints – Child safety seats that are supposed to keep our most precious citizens safe when they are in a vehicle have been recalled due to defects in manufacturing and design.
  • Children’s toys and clothing – The hover-board, which is the most in-demand toy of the holiday season is also fraught with defects. It can spontaneously catch fire, or riders can fall off and injure themselves.
  • Dangerous drugs – Drugs that have caused devastating side effects such as uncontrollable bleeding, heart failure, birth defects and other dangerous and undesirable symptoms are being sold and consumed by Americans every day.
  • Defective medical devices – Defective hip replacements, implanted IVC filters that break apart and cause internal injuries, trans-vaginal mesh implants that injure women, defective knee implants and countless other flawed medical devices that are implanted in the bodies of patients and then are found to cause injury.
  • Power tools – Power tools are already dangerous enough, but when they have missing safety guards, defective power cords and other defects, they can cause terrible injuries.

How a Southaven products liability attorney can help

If you have suffered an injury from having taken a dangerous drug, or from having used a defective product, you could benefit from having a consultation with an experienced Southaven products liability attorney from the law firm of Taylor Jones Taylor. With decades of litigation experience, the attorneys know how to prepare a compelling case in this complex area of law. Whether you end up participating in a class action or filing an individual lawsuit, they will protect your right to compensation when you have been injured.

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