Avoiding Killer Turkeys (and Other Tips to Having a Safe and Happy Holiday Season)

Avoiding Killer Turkeys (and Other Tips to Having a Safe and Happy Holiday Season)The holiday season is upon us – a time for fun, family and friends. But this time of year can also be pretty stressful as people rush around last minute to finish their shopping, get the fixins’ for their dinners and try to make the most out of their time off from work. All that go-go-go can actually increase your chance of being hurt, and while no visit to the E.R. is pleasant, it does seem worse, somehow, during the holiday season.

At Taylor Jones Taylor, we want everyone to have a safe and joyous holiday season. We have collected some helpful hints designed to keep you safe and sound with your loved ones, where you belong.

  • Be careful with that carving knife. Whether it is a traditional Thanksgiving turkey, a Christmas ham or a Hanukah brisket, you can suffer a serious injury if you are not careful with your carving knife. Try using an electric knife to avoid slips while holding the meal, and make sure you keep your knives in plain site (and out of reach) instead of simply tossing them in the sink to wash later.
  • Go easy on the egg nog. Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve is the time when “DUI arrests are at their highest” numbers. If you are going to drink during the holiday festivities, do so in moderation, and either secure a designated driver, call a cab or an Uber, or just stay where you are for the night. It’s simply not worth the risk.
  • Study your fire safety. We all love a crackling fire on a cold night. Chimney fires, however, are a real and serious concern, and they can cause serious structural damage (and catastrophic injuries). Consider hanging any stockings elsewhere while a fire is burning, and make sure all fires are completely out before you go to sleep. Holiday meals can also lead to an increase in kitchen fires, because most families have multiple cooks in the kitchen – which means it is easy to get distracted. Make sure to put out your candles, too, when you are not in the room. (You might also want to consider switching to an electric menorah if you keep one in the window, just in case.)
  • Read the labels on the gifts you buy. This is especially important if you have small children. Make sure that the toys you buy present no choking hazards, and that the clothes are flame retardant. If you are blessed to receive some homemade gifts, make sure that your children use or wear them while under adult supervision.
  • Keep your plants out of reach. Poinsettias, holly, even mistletoe – every single one of them is poisonous. If you have pets, make sure the plants are in a place where they cannot get to them, and where the pet cannot knock them over.
  • Do not overload your circuits. We love to look at all the lights on the houses in our neighborhoods, but too many holiday lights (think Clark W. Griswold) can cause an electrical fire if you are not careful, or lead to a shock or a burn. Make sure that you do not plug too many cords into each outlet, and that all of your lights and appliances are off when you go to bed.
  • Leave your house earlier if you plan on traveling. Everyone else on the road is also eager to get where they are going. As much as we all hate it, dealing with extra traffic during the holidays is a way of life. Give yourself extra time on the road, and keep to the speed limit. Remember, too, that we may see a lot of out-of-state drivers on the roads who are not familiar with the area so please drive defensively this holiday season. Again, give yourself plenty of time and avoid being rushed, and you could lower your chances to avoid a serious car wreck.

All of us at Taylor Jones Taylor wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. We hope you will stay safe and drive carefully. But if you do need us, know that our Southaven personal injury attorneys are ready and able to help. Please contact us to find out more about our services during a free consultation at one of our offices in Southaven, Hernando or Olive Branch.

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