Feb 11, 2016

“Undoing” a Divorce in Mississippi

By |Feb 11, 2016|Legal News|

Imagine you and your spouse have divorced, and later the two of you decide your divorce was a mistake and each of you wish to reconcile your marriage. In Mississippi, rather than re-marrying your ex-spouse the two of you can file a joint petition with the court and ask that your divorce be revoked. It [...]

Sep 8, 2015

FLSA Now Applies to Companionship Services for People who are Injured, Ill or Disabled

By |Sep 8, 2015|Legal News|

The United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division’s new ruling brings important minimum wage and overtime protection to workers who care for individuals (referred to as “consumers” in the law) in their homes who are suffering from injuries, illnesses or disabilities. Previous to this new ruling, which went into effect in January 2015, [...]

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