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Aug 18, 2020

Your Rights during Police Questioning

By |Aug 18, 2020|Criminal Defense|

When a crime has been committed and your name has come up either as a witness or as a suspect, there are different varieties of questioning by law enforcement that may occur based on the circumstances. You have constitutional rights under either scenario, regardless of what you are led to believe. You also have options [...]

Jun 5, 2019

Mississippi Approves Foods Assistance for Released Convicts with Felony Drug Convictions

By |Jun 5, 2019|Criminal Defense|

A report in GW Commonwealth disclosed that Mississippi will begin a unique program: allowing people with felony drug convictions to apply for food assistance from the federal government. The report cites more information from the Clarion Ledger which stated that the policy will start July 1, 2019. The program is expected to help about 67,000 [...]

Feb 27, 2019

Types of Assault Crimes in Mississippi

By |Feb 27, 2019|Criminal Defense|

There are a broad range of assault crimes in Mississippi. The penalties for a conviction include the possibility of significant jail time, heavy fines, court costs, and other consequences. Convictions mean a loss of freedom. Having a criminal conviction on your record can make it hard to get a job. The length of the sentence [...]

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