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Embezzlement is a serious charge that carries significant consequences for those who are convicted. The crime of embezzlement involves the theft of money or property that has been legally entrusted to a person, often by an employer, who then uses it for personal benefit. Accusations of embezzlement can ruin reputations, which is why having a skilled Southaven criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial in more ways than one.

The white collar crime defense attorneys at the law firm of Taylor Jones Taylor have a strong history of winning favorable results for their clients who have been accused of white collar crimes. The firm stands with their clients and challenges the charges. They protect their clients’ rights and mount a rigorous defense on all charges. By maintaining offices in Southaven, Olive Branch and Hernando, the firm can offer clients throughout Mississippi the opportunity to work with a skilled embezzlement defense lawyer almost immediately.

Examples of embezzlement

The most common cases of embezzlement involve an employee stealing money from their employer, public officials stealing public funds, and officials at non-profit or other public benefit organizations who misappropriate funds for their own purposes. Rather than carrying cash out of the building as might happen in a robbery, embezzlement often involves direct access to bank accounts, which allows the accused to transfer funds to an account that they control for their own use. The crime of embezzlement can include relatively smaller infractions such as stealing office supplies, to large scale operations where financial executives embezzle huge sums from their employer or client accounts. Other examples include:

  • A church treasurer skimming money from church bank accounts.
  • A nephew hired to care for his aging aunt who ends up embezzling funds from her bank accounts.
  • Custodians of public funds misusing and redirecting money for their personal gain.

Penalties and consequences for embezzlement

As with most financial crimes, the penalties for embezzlement are closely linked to the amount of money stolen. The larger the sum of money that was taken, the higher the fines and the longer the jail term. In general terms if the stolen property was worth less than $500, the perpetrator may face misdemeanor charges, a fine of $1,000 and a jail term of not more than 6 one year. When the property taken was worth more than $500, the accused may face felony charges, a fine of not more than $25,000, and prison term of not more than ten years in prison.

Aggravating factors that carry even more harsh consequences for embezzlement

There can be additional penalties for embezzlement when the victim of the crime is a member of a protected class such as an elderly adult or a disabled person. Other enhancements might include the misuse of public funds by elected officials, or banking or insurance industry executives, or the embezzlement of funds held in trust. Embezzlement cases with these special classes of victims carry more harsh penalties.

In the state of Mississippi, the crime of embezzlement is exempt from any statutes of limitations.

A person charged with embezzlement can face legal action at any time in the future, as opposed to the two-year stature of limitation that is imposed on most crimes in the state.

Taylor Jones Taylor safeguards your rights in the criminal courts

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