Statutes of Limitations for Car Accident Injuries and FatalitiesAny car crash in the state of Mississippi that results in a personal injury, death, or property damage in excess of $500 must be reported to the local police department. The time limit for filing a lawsuit for a Mississippi vehicle accident is called the statute of limitations.

According to Mississippi Code Section 15-1-49, an injury victim has three years to file a case in the state’s civil court system seeking remedy for any injuries sustained in an auto accident. The starting point of this three year period begins on the accident date.

The statute of limitations is in place to limit the number of fraudulent or stale injury claims by instituting a reasonable time period in which a legal claim may be filed. Witnesses and their memories fade with the passing of time. This statute of limitations serves to preserve important evidence in these cases, such as the testimony of witnesses, for purposes of effective litigation.

Statute of limitations on wrongful death lawsuits

The same statute of limitations deadline applies to wrongful death cases in Mississippi. If one of your family members is killed in a car crash, the family of the victim has three years to file a wrongful death claim. The clock on the statute of limitations starts ticking on the date of the victim’s passing and not the accident date. It is important to remain aware of the statute of limitations and give yourself plenty of time to file a lawsuit if necessary. If you attempt to file once the established time period for filing as passed, the defendant can summarily ask the court to dismiss your case, which is very likely to happen.

The majority car accident victims attempt to achieve a settlement through negotiations with the insurance company. Even if your goal is to arrive at a settlement through effective negotiations conducted with the help of your Southaven car accident attorney, it is still important to allow enough time to file a lawsuit if that becomes necessary. It is better to begin the process of securing the compensation you deserve for your injuries as early as possible. If your deadline for filing is approaching fast, it is vital to speak with an experienced attorney.

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