What Kinds of Theft Charges Are There in Mississippi“Theft” is a vague term, and the penalties of the theft charge you face can vary wildly depending on what was taken, how much it was worth, where it was taken from and whether you are accused of threatening someone in the course of the alleged thievery.

There are four basic types of theft charges we normally handle, and they are outlined below so you may better understand what you face if you are convicted:

  • This is a fancy name for theft. If you take something that does not belong to you with the intention of keeping it, you have committed larceny. Generally speaking, larceny is a non-violent crime. Shoplifting and looting are both considered acts of larceny. First offenses are generally misdemeanors if you steal less than $500 worth of goods or products.
  • Burglary. You do not actually have to steal anything to be convicted of burglary; you simply have to have entered a building illegally with the intention of stealing. All burglary charges are felonies, which means, if convicted, you face prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Simply possessing burglar’s tools may be enough to land you in prison, too, depending on the circumstances.
  • Robbery. Robbery might be the most serious theft crime, as it indicates that you were violent or threatened violence in the midst of the act of stealing. If you are convicted of armed robbery, you could potentially face life in prison without parole.
  • Identity theft. This is considered a “white collar” crime, like fraud or embezzlement – but it is a crime nonetheless. Both Mississippi and the federal government impose strict fines and penalties if you are convicted of the charge. Depending on what you allegedly did with the identity you “stole,” you could face time in jail or prison, and it may cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

At the end of the day, you cannot take what is not yours. Mississippi is very strict when it comes to theft charges; there is even a law against stealing another man’s dog. If you are charged with theft of any kind, it could have long-lasting repercussions.

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