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Feb 13, 2019

How to Make a Claim for Pain and Suffering

By |Feb 13, 2019|Personal Injury|

Pain and suffering is a crucial part of your accident claim, along with your medical bills and your economic losses. Pain and suffering can’t be easily calculated, because there is no set amount for emotional trauma, or chronic pain, or the loss of a limb. That is why it is categorized as a “non-economic” damage. [...]

Dec 28, 2018

How Will The New Tax Law Affect My Alimony?

By |Dec 28, 2018|Family Law|

At the end of 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) into law. The bill ushers in some sweeping changes to existing tax law, but there are a few significant changes that can directly affect divorcing couples. One of these changes has to do with spousal support, or alimony, and it’s [...]

Dec 12, 2018

Are MRIs Accurate in Detecting Brain Injuries?

By |Dec 12, 2018|Brain Injury|

If you’ve ever suffered a blow to the head, or were in a car accident where you experienced whiplash or other trauma, you understand the physical and mental symptoms. In some frustrating situations, you can tell something isn’t right, yet the physician at the emergency room or urgent care said all tests came back normal. [...]

Nov 29, 2018

Top Five Ways to Get Arrested for DUI Without Driving a Car

By |Nov 29, 2018|DUI|

Authorities can file DUI charges against drivers when there’s probable cause and evidence to believe a person was operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Obviously, this is true here in Mississippi and across the United States. However, did you know you could get arrested for DUI without ever being behind [...]

Oct 24, 2018

Six Reasons Couples Get Divorced

By |Oct 24, 2018|Divorce|

Of course nobody goes into a marriage planning on getting divorced one day. Couples enter into a marriage with only the best of intentions for a long, happy relationship and “til death do us part.” A strong marriage takes work, but if you've done everything you can, it may be time to think about divorce. [...]

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