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Sep 2, 2020

What Is a Products Liability Lawsuit?

By |Sep 2, 2020|Products Liability|

Anyone who watches television has seen news clips of companies that issued recalls on products. It could have been for bacteria- tainted lettuce, or maybe a defective medication that increased health risks. When a product is recalled, it is typically because someone has already become injured and has notified the company. Once a company is [...]

Aug 18, 2020

Your Rights during Police Questioning

By |Aug 18, 2020|Criminal Defense|

When a crime has been committed and your name has come up either as a witness or as a suspect, there are different varieties of questioning by law enforcement that may occur based on the circumstances. You have constitutional rights under either scenario, regardless of what you are led to believe. You also have options [...]

Sep 25, 2019

Common Motorcycle Injury Claims

By |Sep 25, 2019|Motorcycle Injury|

Riding a motorcycle is enjoyed by many as a thrilling way to travel the open road.  But this means of transportation also provides fewer protections than other methods of transport. Understanding the types of injury claims that occur in motorcycle accidents can help you better understand the dangers facing motorcyclists and the need to remain [...]

Sep 11, 2019

Can You Modify a Custody Order from Out of State?

By |Sep 11, 2019|Child Custody|

Special issues and circumstances related to child custody can arise at times after the custody arrangement has been put into effect after a divorce. When custody is initially agreed to and established, it is for the most part determined according to the children’s best interests. However, life circumstances for the mother, father, and children sometimes [...]

Jun 19, 2019

Tourism, Car Crashes, and Out-of-State Drivers

By |Jun 19, 2019|Auto Accidents|

Memphis attracts 11 million people yearly, according to Memphis Travel. The top reasons they visit Memphis are the great culture and history – especially the music. The music begins with Elvis, but there’s also jazz, country, and the blues. Top destinations include Graceland, Beale Street, Sun Studio, the National Civil Rights Museum, and the Memphis [...]

Jun 5, 2019

Mississippi Approves Foods Assistance for Released Convicts with Felony Drug Convictions

By |Jun 5, 2019|Criminal Defense|

A report in GW Commonwealth disclosed that Mississippi will begin a unique program: allowing people with felony drug convictions to apply for food assistance from the federal government. The report cites more information from the Clarion Ledger which stated that the policy will start July 1, 2019. The program is expected to help about 67,000 [...]

May 7, 2019

Mississippi Considers a 13th Ground for Divorce

By |May 7, 2019|Divorce|

A bill before the Mississippi Senate would authorize a 13th ground for divorce based on “Willful and continued separation without cohabitation, with the intent not to return or resume or otherwise continue the marital relationship, for not less than three (3) years. Either party may have a divorce based on this cause.” Essentially, this ground [...]

Apr 24, 2019

Mississippi Debating a Bill to Limit the Liability of Property Owners for Unsafe Properties

By |Apr 24, 2019|Personal Injury|

The Sun Herald reported in February 2019, that a bill proposed by State Senator Josh Harkins was approved by a vote of 32-17. A similar bill is now for the Mississippi House of Representatives. The bill proposes two changes to current premises liability laws that attorneys and public safety advocates claim would hurt tenants, customers, [...]

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